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  • Hi Rob,
    So happy that you are going to be getting home soon. Please take some pics so you can post them later on here. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Kim
    I just read your poem, I believe you will see it. You may not be in physical form, you may be an angel looking in on them from heaven and you may even have power to help guide in ways not possible here on earth.
    Just wanted to say I enjoy your wit, and sense of humor. I hope that this finds you well and not feeling so afraid & alone.
    Stopping by to say hi :) first snow fall here yesterday. Brrr! Here comes winter. Have you been out diving again? Take care and ttys
    Hi. Kris is taking MCI-186 ... he is from another forum. I am now on my 2nd bag of it. Since it is a DIY fix you have to source it yourself and then administer it yourself.
    Hi Rob,
    Hope your week is going well so far. I went to a fun Halloween party Friday night with my daughter and our youngest son. Then Sunday we went uptown to the annual Halloween parade. I at least had something to do for a change. I will take our youngest son Trick or Treating probally Thursday night unless it is nasty weather which is predicted. I blew a tire on my 4-runner Saturday night. It scared my daughter and me too death. Luckily, we didn't get hurt. Have a good week, Kim
    Hi Rob,
    I am sorry to hear about you have more pain. Hope some of the forum members can give you some ideas on what to do about it. I don't have any answers. You might ask the others but I was wondering if a heating pad would help any at all. Aleve works better then any other brands as far as ibuprofen stuff works. Take care, Kim
    Hi! I'm sure there will be other occasions. If not, it is pretty easy to organize ur own event. We just picked a date, gathered friends and family and jumped :) easy peasy
    Hi...Skydive Event in Georgia for the ALS Guardian Angels Foundation is happening on Saturday Oct 26, 2013. For more details, pls visit als guardian angels facebook page. I hope you try it. Take pictures :)
    My dream was to get to Rome and see John Paul but it never happened. I want to go there someday though. It's on my bucket list. I am impressed though with Francis to for now.
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