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    Neuro told me it’s either carpal tunnel or ALS.. pls help me

    Truly, try and stay calm and let the doctors do their job. The key to panic here always seems to be that the person decides to ask the doctor could this possibly be ALS, and the doctor hedges their bets and says, well maybe it could. Then it's panic stations. Had you not asked I'll bet anything...
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    How are you? The Remix.

    It's hard to describe just how intense those waves are, and when unexpected they really are a surprise. Glad today was a little better - back upwards we go.
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    How are you? The Remix.

    J - this is really normal. I always found the unexpected plunges down the worst, because of how they would just hit. I used this to really help myself through: 1. I learned to say - today is going to suck, I don't have to do anything that isn't critical. 2. After losing my love to ALS I realise...
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    Tillie's Trees

    This is the first time I've seen Jordan this year and he stopped by in beauty4everyone's tree
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    Weird Stuff Going On

    I think a forum or group for undiagnosed people is the best place for you as you don't have ALS symptoms. I'm sorry you are still scared, but chasing ALS is not going to get you any answers. All the very best.
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    Specialist says he's 80% confident I do have ALS. Any reason to doubt this?

    I'm not a doctor, like Karen who is, but there is not a single thing ALS in that EMG. Good luck working things, out, I think you are pushing your doctors to say things and then cherry picking little bits and running with them. I hope they can find what is going on soon, it must be awful...
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    Tillie's Trees

    Actually, sounds odd, but already it is enough for a week or so ☔🌧 what a contrast!
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    Tillie's Trees

    YAHOO it's raining!! Hugo is in NikkiJ's tree and Newman is in Pitsburghgal Frank's tree! and so amazing to have 8 koalas in 1 day again.
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    Long shot..

    The great news is that this isn't how ALS presents. I hope they find the cause soon, but you don't belong here at all.
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    Twitching means NOTHING and EMG can't be done 'too early'. You don't show signs of ALS, you are good to go.
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    Concerned, Family History

    Work with your doctor - without that we can't say more than it doesn't really sound like ALS onset. Please let us know the outcome.
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    Hot spot - 2 months

    Totally agree with Karen - twitching means nothing. Really we wouldn't say that if it wasn't true.
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    For better or for worse...

    Jim I believe that a wonderful door to new help will open for you now. IIWII indeed and the acceptance of this helps us turn to embrace new things we didn't know were possible. 💗 In some ways it is good that she has resigned as it saves you working out what you should do.
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    New EMG RESULTS at 1 yr

    thank you for coming back to report such a great result!
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    Tillie's Trees

    Now here is a story of hope - Phoenix, who was born here has a nice little pouch bulge I'm all but certain. And she is making herself as comfortable as a new mum feeling that first pressure (though she is not pregnant of course, the joey is in her pouch nursing on milk) tries to find...