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    Does it look like a bulbar als?

    Nope, not ALS. Not a chance. Back to the doctor, don't look for help here.
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    You already know you are not about to die because you have a twitch in your thumb. Please leave here and work with your doctors.
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    My thoughts on the EyeGaze Edge vs Tobii

    I believe it's quite common Karen because you know what you are saying and hear it in your head - but to anyone only hearing it, without knowing already what is being said it is a different thing. I remember that at a point where I could understand much of what Chris was saying, but most...
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    Hello looking for advice!

    None of us will watch this video - please go see a doctor, but you don't have ALS. Read this carefully too
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    My thoughts on the EyeGaze Edge vs Tobii

    My Chris also felt he was quite easy to understand, the biggest problem was that 'people just didn't bother to try' ...
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    My thoughts on the EyeGaze Edge vs Tobii

    wow thanks Jim! Maybe the longer character limit is only allowed in DIHALS because they post war and peace in there without problems? :unsure: :ROFLMAO:
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    My thoughts on the EyeGaze Edge vs Tobii

    How did it go Jim?
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    Couple Questions

    Your doctor knows what tests are indicated, and you won't be reassured by another clean EMG I don't think. Don't clog up the system when people who need these tests are waiting for them. As Nikki says - you need to have a good discussion with your doctor and let him really explain to you why...
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    Could this be ALS?

    I've got great news for you - not a single ALS symptom there. I am sorry you have something going on and they haven't pinned it yet. Try reading this through a couple of times and get an understanding that with ALS there just is not all those feelings, truly it is nothing like you describe...
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    Slowly progressive symptoms for about 5 years, starting at age 17. Confirmed by nuero, but no diagnosis. Any thoughts/knowledge would be appreciated.

    Doctors do all these years of training to know what to do. YOU don't tell the doctors what you want tested, you have no medical training. I mean that respectfully because you really don't know anything about ALS or what they are doing. They don't have to test the muscles you might think are...
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    Twitching eye and now more widespread. Thoughts are much appreciated xx

    So you weren't concerned about MS, but you were about ALS and then explained your lack of knowledge of what it is to a doctor? Sorry but I'm incredulous I'm so happy to tell you that twitching means nothing. You have ZERO ALS symptoms. Please read this through twice, very carefully as it...
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    Make a sentence game

    PRETENSE pretentious rhetoric elicits totally explosive nonsense, shocking everyone ELICIT
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    Hello 24 year old women and I am worry I could have ALS

    Good luck - let us know here once you have a diagnosis and I hope they solve it soon. Certainly nothing even remotely like ALS :)
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    transfer pivot disc

    or for better safety slide sheets @Vincent 🤗 ;)
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    Morphine for breathing

    taking tiny doses regularly is the best way and palliative care are usually really good at managing this. you can get a lot of relief by regular tiny doses, better relief than by letting pain or anxiety build and having to take a single bigger dose. It really does help the breathing done this...