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  • Hi Tillie, Your responses are always a worthwhile read! But, on another subject, I keep Australian finches (Gouldians) Do you ever see them outside where you live?

    I also keep some African finches, and friends of ours have adopted a few children from Ethiopia, the latest is a boy in his teens. He was at my house recently, and I showed him the aviary. (He was enthralled with it!) But, of the four species of African finches, he only recognized one kind. I think he's a bit homesick, and he stood there for ages watching them. ..

    It would be incredible to see a Gouldian finch in freedom. They're so beautiful, such a sweet song too. I put a very short video of the aviary on my website, its in the off topic button, which is visible when you hover over the About Me button.

    Anyway, thank you, you're a very caring person.
    No wind, I assure you. Please know everything is coming from a place of fear. I am getting help for the anxiety.

    Your point has been taken and will be respected.
    I have read many threads and now realize that I am not helping myself by obsessively reading posts and trying to fit my symptoms into everyone else's. I do have issues. I will diligently follow up with my doctors and pray for a positive outcome.

    I have taken 2 very important pieces of information from posts by you and Atsgusi. 1- I spoke to my PCP and started Klonopin to help me through this health anxiety. This is new for me....and couldn't recognize how much anxiety I am suffering from. 2 - I will start volunteering my time at my local nursing home (I live in a rural area, not close to any ALS centers).

    You are right. Whatever the outcome...get busy living or get busy dying. I am just killing myself living in the dark blanket of fear/terror.
    I wanted to thank you for responding to my thread. I do hope I did not offend you. Your opinion has been one I have most valued reading other DIHALS threads.

    God bless.
    Thanks for taking your time time to message me. It means more to me tha you will ever know. Do you yourself have ALS?
    Hi, Tillie! I was finally able to download your book onto my Kindle. I just started reading it. �� Quick question: in response to my post on my feeding tube trouble, you said that the surgeon should have checked the pressure in the balloon after he removed the sutchers. How would he have done this? Bill
    Just want to apologise for any offence taken from my post. I am truly sorry for any offence as it was not my intention but accept of course my responsibility. I want to thank you also for taking the time to have responded. Again apologies and best wishes.
    Hi Tillie

    I have repeatedly tried to buy your book via PayPal. However, since I haven't used PayPal in ages it (PayPal) says it will text me code. Still no code so can't buy the book. Is your book on Amazon where I can just pay with my debit card? Sorry for the delay.

    Best, Bill
    Hi Tillie! Thanks for your response. A signed copy would be very nice, so if you could give me the exact amount and how to send the funds via PayPal, I will do it immediately. Hope you are well and enjoying your day. Best, Bill ��
    Hi Tillie! A couple of months ago I recall seeing a post from someone referencing a book you had written. I believe it was the journey you and your husband took through the ALS process. Could you provide with the name of the book -- I would like to order a copy. Hope you are doing well and enjoying your weekend. Best, Bill
    Thank you for your response Tillie. As I said I am not trying to be redundant or a nuisance. I can't imagine the amount of tolerance and patience you have with us wondering about this disease. I'm don't know that this fits in the envelope of an MND but there has been a fairly sudden and rapid progression very much so compared to where I was upon my initial message. Just looking for any thoughts as I know you all come across many others who stumble upon other possible avenues.
    Such an incredible gesture naming the joey after Neil. It warms my heart to see how the Koala's uplift the PALS. I am sure Neil is soaring above your trees and pointing out Glory and joey Neil to Max and all the other PALS. Thank you Tillie for being you.
    Hey tillie, could ya help me post multiple pics @ a time ? I forgot how to do it want to show whitewater trip to the clan.
    If a pm me I 'll be looking. Thanks love ya chally
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