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  • ADAMICO88 can you give me some updates about your situation i have the same symtoms and i dont know what to do god bless you
    Hello. I read some of your posts and I have the same thing you have. My joints cracks all the time. I had bfs for some years and this year it became worse. I started having cramps and spasms everywhere. At the same time I started having joint cracks. In the previous years it was just in my neck but this year it spread to many other places. I still don't have a diagnosis other than als, althougth many people here said my symptoms are not typical. I received a result from a test today and I found I have positive ANA levels too and negative tests for other autoantibodies, so I don't know what is going on. Did you find anything new about your condition?

    No, I have never heard of ALS or any other motor neuron disease manifesting itself as a systemic spread of joint problems, be it joint cracking or other joint problems. ALS is a disease of the voluntary nervous system which paralyzes voluntary muscles. Any effect that ALS has on joints is caused by those same paralyzed muscles and manifests itself as reduction in the range of motion in the joint (paralyzed muscles cannot move to operate the joint properly).

    Please address any further questions that you have about your condition to the Do I Have ALS? section of the board.
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