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  • Having a tough one with your absence today, Ann. Just read Phil's post about your dieing process and now I have lots of tears happening. Sometimes, when I first log in- I see that beautiful face of yours and get sooo excited! Then I realize that it is, in fact, Phil, and not you and that feels like a little punch in the stomach. I sure do with Heaven had visiting hours...
    I knmow it's you, Phil, just wishing it was my Dear Sweet Ann. I am so sorry for yourrl loss.

    Thinking andd praying for you both,

    Hi Phil~~~~~
    Just stopping by to say I was thinking of you today. ....... Here's hoping that you were able to get outside and enjoy our wonderful Eastern Shore "Bahamas" weather that we experienced today.
    I love to see your green light! :). Miss you Dear One. Can I sit with you when I get there? Xoxoxo
    Annie, I miss you, now I am missing Michael...its a bit too much...pray for us, I know you are! love you, and thinking of you today...praying for Phil that today he can hold it together...he is such a loving man...
    Ann although I miss you, I feel you close. I still know you are guiding me each day.
    Thank you for touching us and helping us keep it all together in our sadness.
    Thank you for bringing Kimmie back to us today.
    Just like after Joel left, I hate coming on here and seeing your little green light forever dark... the tears are welling up, but i know how you feel about that- so i will leave your page to have myself a cry.
    I love you
    Because I knew you, I have been changed for the better. So much of me is made of what I learned from you. I KNOW the angels welcomed you.
    Safe journey my friend, may god hold you so very high and serve you the best cup of tea. You deserve it.
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