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  • Thinking of you. You are in my prayers. How are your kids doing? My dad is kind of in the middle of the road I'd say in his progression. He's 78 though so not one of the young one's to have this. We are anxious for spring to get here so hopefully we can get him out a little more. We have been trying to be cautious to with him during flu season so he doesn't catch anything from anyone. Take care of yourself, Kim
    Hi! How are things going for you? Trying to get things ready for Christmas. My father who has ALS and is 78 is back staying at his home now which is about a mile from mine. He was in Dallas for awhile where my brother and sister live. It was so hard on me since I missed him so much. Dad progression is so/so. He is starting to lose alot of strength in his arms and hands now. But, he still eats on his own and can still talk. Keeping you in my prayers. Take care, Kim
    Hey mommy,
    Just wondering how y'all are doing. I haven't seen you posting much, so I thought I would stop by and send a prayer,
    you havent crossed any lines. i know its scarey. i wanted to let you know that you can ask anything. i will answer to the best of my knowledge- but please keep in mind that this disease runs its course differently for each PALS.
    I will get back to you with more details about my PALS.
    Welcome and Im sorry you have to be here.
    I know you are scared, heck I am too! I lost my kidd's daddy when I was 39 to melanoma cancer, it was a bad cancer, and I'm going to tell you. What kept me going when he passed was my kids! Somehow we always make it. You are going to be alot stronger than you realize. Just remember we are all here for each other:)
    We had insurance coverage when I applied, it just would not pay any on the rulitek. Medicare starts one month before his disability. All you can do is apply for assistance, we had to send copies of checking, and different things. They will tell you exaclty what info they need. My husband started out with bulbar which was his speech, and swallowing. So far those are still the only two affected. First signs we seen were in april of last year. His speech is getting pretty bad fast. If he is tired, he is very hard to understand. It sucks!
    You know we are keeping our Blue cross blue shield along with his medicare, which his starts the first of next month on medicare, and disability starts the 3rd week of april. It is very hard trying to make it on one income and wait for that disability to start. Ok on the rulitek, our ins would not pay any on it, so i filled out a long form for patient assistance ane he was accepted. I think most every one is. We will get a years supply and go from there. Go online to NORD and look at it. I hope you can get some help.
    So sorry that you had to join our family. Your husband is so young too! Your pictures are precious, just remember, one day at a time.
    Thank you!!!! Our wedding anniversary is coming up in April. We might have to do something nice this year.
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    Just download an image and save it to your desktop or choose one from your computer files you already have.

    As for getting down about all this, how can you not? Just hang in there!
    How's the SSDI stuff coming along? They change stuff every now and then to make things more fun! NOT! Your husband looks very healthy with his big fish! Keep his weight up, no matter what you do! PS - Where's your avatar? Gotta have one... PSS - How are your kids???
    Hi, has your husband stopped working? If so, the waiting period of five months will start from the date(month) he stopped working. To reply on my visitor page, click on my name(SadieMae)
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