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  • yea I'm going to take all the stds test tomorrow including HIV but the wierd thing is olly my bonesmare becoming deformed. like my right is led is starting to twist left and my hands are also becoming quiet deformed like there shifting outward. would the muscle loss and joint and cartilage loss make my bones start to move???its so wierd what's happening to me..the joint pain with the muscle loss and cartilage loss...my glucose was kinda high at the er .. it was 119 And my hemoglobulin a1c was 5.8.. what do you think about those numbers
    Hi,diabetes did look like a most likely cause. ....HIV also but I did not want to mention that.
    Ask for specific tests for these two to rule them out.
    HIV can mimic some mnd symptoms....but sure hope it wont be that.
    Hope you have a good evening....off the forum and resting not stressing.
    ok I will do that..but my gp has done numerous tests and all has come back normal..like I said the specialists are getting no where..I'm going to get a second opinion from each one. we haven't tests all the stds but I did a rapid HIV test and it came back negative..I'll let you know thanks
    Here is some intresting reading...I combined high polyclonal with glucose and protein plus cachexia in search...........
    Have you had a diabetes type 1 test? If not ask gp for one asap....it could be this or polyneuropathy which can be associated with type 1 diabetes and can cause dramatic wasting.
    Please make sure you see gp and ask for test........or these days I think you can get a over counter test from a chemist.

    Sorry,links not working.
    You can copy/paste each link individually into google search and it will come up with site.
    Any problems let me know.
    Hi,please don't panic and try to calm down.
    What have the doctors said about your test results?
    Did they have any ideas ?
    Did they say that you are very under weight?
    I am in the uk so can't do anything practical ,only advise you.
    Did you see a doctor last week like you said? That would be the first thing to do but it should be your gp. They can order blood tests and will have a general idea as to which specialist to send you to.
    So first,today make an appointment with your gp and try to tell them calmly what is going on.....if you behave erratic and stressed they will take that into account.
    Do that for me please and let me know how you get on.
    yes I been to the doctor over 20 times..I been to a nuerologist, haemtologist, gastro doctor and rheumatologist. I'm going to get second opinions from all of them..I'm wasting really extreme olly. thank you so much for your kindness.. do you think I could be dying olly? ill listen to whatever you tell me.. I have wasting in every part of my body.Every!!! only blood test that have been high are high protein..which was a high gamma globulin level(polyclonal) .i am anemic 11.5 hemo, semi high glucose which I am retesting and cpk was 309 but it was right after emg ..I retested then it was 176. I been told by all it might stress and it's not..

    Please listen to olly. She is very smart. She will only help those who help themselves. I hope you find out what is going on with you. Peace.
    Hi there.
    Firstly I am not well,besides having mnd I also have a bad cold and chest infection .
    I will despite my better judgement try to help best I can ....but you have to also help yourself and listen.
    Have you seen a doctor yet? Did you go to the hospital?
    If you are as bad as you say you are with muscle loss has a doctor noticed also?
    Its late here in uk but if you reply to this message I will get back to you tomorrow.
    Oh,i reported skipper for the appalling post she left you...that was so unkind.
    If you don't want people to tell you that your story isn't true - don't post your story here. You don't have ALS. Nothing you describes sounds remotely like ALS. I'm sorry you're having problems, but this is an ALS forum. You're in the wrong place. Good luck to you.
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