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  • Hey brooksea, glad you and your son got out to the MTNS. I went to the doctor who then sent me to the chiropractor - 3, 45min sessions fixed it all! At least your son is able to chat about his dad and that's a positive. My neck of the woods - BUGGY! The deer flies are vicious so I try to stay away from the swampy areas since they seem worse there.
    Hi! My son and I just got back from the NGA MTNS. It was fun, but kinda sad, too. I've got back problems, as you can imagine, and just couldn't go-go-go like my son wanted to. He kept bringing up "before daddy got sick, he would've done 'this or that' everyday." It's really hard dealing with a know-it-all 12 year old sometimes! LOL How are things in your neck of the woods?
    Hi 10steps ( love that)
    I was just checking on you and sending you a VERY BIG HUG. I am thinking that this holiday season will be bringing you a different set of emotions. I am only a post away!!!!
    So sorry to hear about your loss. May god give you strength in the days ahead.
    Just wanted to send you hugs during this time. Hope your husband is comfortable and you have all the help you need... CJ
    Hi..... I hope I am sending this to the correct place.
    How is your husband??? Is he in good spirits??
    We first saw symptoms in mid 2009 and began with a local neuro who thankfully sent us directly to Johns HOPKINS. However, from that point it took us from November 2009 until April 2010 to get a diagnosis. How about you?. I feel we will have much to talk about, 10steps. Love your name...what significance is that may I ask????
    I am retiredmus2010 AKA, Ginger
    Mark does choke...mostly on liquids...on food too if he does not go slow....eating just exhausts him....so, I don't think he is eating enough to sustain himself....I wont give up on pushing for the PEG until his breathing issues decline to the point that surgery could not be done....I want to support his wishes...but, I want him to be with me for as long as possible too....I'm just selfish I guess!
    Oh Gosh....Mark had a kind of funny walk/limp too...always tired. I think your hubby is a little ahead of mine in his symptons...Mark can take a few steps with a rolling walker...can't stand without help tho...I am seeing a decline in all areas...but, legs were the first to really 'go'. His weight issue has really got me worried....it is almost like he is accepting it...he used to want to weigh everynight...and would stuff himself to try to maintain his weight....now, he doesn't ask me to bring him the scale...and I can see bones where I never could before. How do you know when you should stop pushing for the PEG?
    10steps thank you for your detailed answer. I will copy it and take it to my lawyer when we prepare our will. I'm still hoping I just have lyme but it won't hurt to do this anyway.
    Hi, can you tell me exactly what your lawyer did to protect your assets? I am 50 and have a 15 yr old son that I would like to send to college so I need our assets not to go to the state!

    My husband is 53 and healthy so I'd like to have all our joint assets changed to him and maybe have our son as the beneficiary. Could the state take our funds if I did that?
    Just wanted to say Hi! Sorry about your husband. We're going on 6 yrs since symptoms appeared. Good luck in coming days!
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