Chau Bao Nguyen

Chau Bao Nguyen
Chau Bao Nguyen Toronto
Chau Bao Nguyen
Chau Bao Nguyen Canada
Chau Bao Nguyen

Chau Bao Nguyen

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Chau Bao NguyenPhone: 647-787-0023

Chau Bao Nguyen

Last Known Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Last Known Address: 183 Bestview Drive, North York, Ontario, M2M 4B5 (soon to move to newest boyfriend's house)

Last Known Contact:  647-787-0023

Birth: March 5th, 1995

Birth Place: Nha Trang, Vietnam

Known Diseases:  Herpes (she gives people herpes on purpose).  She'll give you herpes and then try to convince you it wasn't her.  We will add a link for other people that have been infected by Chau Bao Nguyen (contact: [email protected]).  We must stop this Vietnamese girl from infecting innocent Canadians with Herpes.

Purpose of this post:

I want to warn people so she doesn't ruin your life.  If you're reading this, you won't believe what's written because you're already under a spell.  Please, consider the following.  You're dating a pathological liar and someone that's going to give you herpes for the  rest of  your life without telling you she has herpes.  She'll pretend it's a surprise. You've been warned.

Her goals: To marry any Canadian that will give her citizenship so her parents can live here (because she may not qualify on her own).

Her asking price for guaranteed citizenship: She offered $10,000 to me (video available) (not worth it because she'll ruin you (videos available of lies and her jumping in cars when you drop her off (videos available but not for distribution)))

Intention: White guy for citizenship

Issues: Pathological liar, sex addict and/or socio-path

Favourite sayings:  "Use me" (careful, will ruin your life and download your phone and ruin all you relationships (videos/data trails available but not for distribution)

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I had a similar experience. Contact me. I contacted you through the contact us part. I reached out.