Please help, I'm worried sick

This is my first time ever doing anything like this but you guys seem very helpful and I was hoping you'd give me some of your opinions.
About a 8 days ago I started having slight tremors in my hands and legs but that went away as the anxiety got worse strangely, anyway of course I think I have als, my left arm feels heavier than the right, i have hyperreflexia but it seems everyone in my family does so I'm not too worried, I have no muscle twitches and cordination is spot on, my questions are,1. does als allow sore muscles to go away normally


My husband who is currently in a wheelchair started catching a cold and started using sinus Sudafed 12 hour main ingredient Pseudoephedrine HCL 120 mg, to help stop his runny nose. After taking this product for 2 days he had noticed that his toes on his right foot, which he could not move at all, was NOW able to wiggle them slightly.
He said I BS you not.

Donate body

I would like to donate my body for Bulbar Palsy research when I die. Does anyone know how I do that?

Diane H I need your help

I read about your experience with a quantum edge wheelchair. The problem is the I didn't read it soon enough!! I just got my quantum edge 2.0 a month ago and I hate it!. I had, well I still an invacare storm and I love it? I have it from like 7 years, but it started to give me some problems and I thought it was time to get a new wheelchair. I live in a nursing home in Chicago Illinois. So I started the process and they gave me this one!! Just to think that I have to be with this chair for at least 5 years in this small rooms, elevators, going to college. I want to cry!!

Somebody Please Help

I am young and very worried that I have ALS. I know it is uncommon for young people to have ALS but I am having a hard time lifting my left foot and am expiriencing muscle twitches. I would greatly appreciate some help and guidance in my situation. Thanks!

18 year old worried about ALS

For the past 6 months I have had many symptoms that are similar to ALS and I am scared that I have it. I have seen a neurologist, hemotologest, and a rheumatologist. No diagnosis from any one although the rheumatologist did consider fibromyalgia.

My symptoms include:
Muscle soreness and cramps
Muscle twitching (all over)
Headaches (tension)
Numbness and tingling (all over)
Noticed some possible muscle wasting around my right wrist
Shortness of breath
Balance issues
Blurry vision

Mother in law has als

Hi my mother in law was diagnosed with ALS 4/2016 the bulbar type. She is considering getting a feeding tube. This is all so heart breaking watching her deteriorate. Is it true she only has about six months to live after receiving feeding tube?

Unable to Stay Home Alone

My Mom is now unable to stay home alone. This is relatively new, starting only a few months ago. It has been working out because my brother was in exams and then has been off from university. However, my brother will have a summer job starting in July, I am on an internship position through the university that cannot be quit or I will fail the course and my Dad is working. Does any one have any suggestions on what we could do? We already have PSWs come twice a day, but that is not enough by far and we don't qualify for much more help.

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