First symptoms

In most cases does als attack one muscle group at a time or just one side?

Looking for advice on how to help others

Hello ladies and Gents,

My names Kobyn, over in Canada, Im looking for advice on a few forums online and looking for advice on how to help others basically.

I've been having muscle twitching scared of als, I am 20 years ols

Hello I am a 20 year old male and scared that I might have als because I've been having muscle twitching.
My father past away in October from als, I was the one always with him taking care of him and I would see everything that would happen to him. So lately I've been going thru a lot of anxiety and having muscle twitching all over my body and I am constantly checking my muscles and my strength and my voice and I start freaking out I am so scared of having it

Newly diagnosed

My husband was diagnosed with ALS Jan 2018, onset symptoms started Feb 2017. He first had cramping in right calf muscle then foot drop. His right leg started wasting away shortly after and he lost 40-50lbs within months. He began to have trouble breathing in Aug 2017 just 7 months after onset symptoms. At first he used the bipap machine only at night but now he's using it almost all day. He also uses a cough assist machine as needed. My husband can still talk and eat alone, thankfully. But he does need a lot of assistance with his basic needs.

Progression of ALS.

my mother was diagnosed with ALS LAST YEAR AT AGE 78. She had no symptoms until she fell at a party. Her doctor recommended an MRI on her brain since she had leg sensitivity like restless leg syndrome. We were in shock! In the meantime her progression is very slow. She is now 79.5 and although her walking is stiff she continues to live independently with my father. She plays maj Jong every day, goes out for her coffee or dinner and socializes in her independent living residence. She does get out of breath from talking too much and uses the trilogy machine.

Please provide me some insight - I am really nervous

I read the "before posting" post and I cannot help it but have a few questions. I'm male and 25 years old. I had brain fog for 6 weeks, that subsided and now I have a twitch in my right foot. There are twitches all over my body, but the one in my foot is the persistent one. My hands get cold so sometimes it feels like they're a little sluggish, but generally I cant think of a motion I cannot make. If I understand clinical weakness correctly, I shouldn't be worried about sluggish movements being a precursor to ALS, they're just sluggish movements.

I'm Lost

My mother was diagnosed with progressive bulbar palsy in August 2017. Devastated does not even begin to describe how we felt as a family. To have a diagnosis that has so little hope associated with it, I still find it hard to believe.

Concerned with Juvenile Onset

Over the past two years I’ve experienced some alarming symptoms and I am seeking the advice of members of this forum. I would like to first and foremost thank you for your time and consideration.

Many of these symptoms began after I broke my fibula two years ago. I started having an odd cramp on the right side of my abdomen. It would randomly tense and ball up with regular movements. I’ve also had shoulder issues in my left shoulder. I received two cortisone shots which seemingly temporarily resolved the problem.

Environmental factors causing ALS?

My sister has worked at the same place for more than 30 years. Some years back there was a toxic mold problem and the business had to close for hazmat crews to come in and make it safe. Awhile later, a co-worker in the warehouse part of the business was diagnosed with ALS. He is now deceased. Prior to the clean-up, my sister and her co-workers were ill for a couple of years with upper respiratory problems, sore throats, etc. Then the mold was discovered and subsequently eliminated (hopefully). Later, the worker was diagnosed with ALS.

Nasal voice is that ALS?

Hi,I’m Aing
My husband have been worry about he got ALS
He have trouble swallow after he sick and feel like food stuck but I alway tell him to take it out but he couldn’t .This is start on October 2017
Just today in the afternoon He got a bit of nasal voice
Is that point to ALS?
He will go to get EMG test on 2nd of Feb hope no bad news:(