pleas help

I am 55 years old and noticed that it seemed harder working out , like all over weakness , mainly in my legs and knees for sure , the knees felt like they are giving out, with lots of pain, and swelling in the back, I do have baker cyst on the back of them, since 2004, but this pain seemed different . My hands hurt allot and feel kinda tight when i spread the fingers , mainly when i push on top of my thumb area , then really feel it.
My main concern is i noticed that my toes curl down and i have numbness and pins and needle feeling , they locked up a few times at night and i had to take my hands to pull them up. Also have swelling on the sides of my ankles, and i think it looks dented in , under that
When i stretch my feel out or point them, it feels like almost my ligaments or pulling or something , even when i just move my ankles around. That doe not go on all day , just concerned on why , and why my toes are curled under , thank you

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