Miss you dad.

Hi Dad, I miss you so much dad. I just wish you were here to talk too. I still look at the clock at 11:30 in the morning and at 7 at night and then remember that I can no longer call you. Yesterday, was a hard day for me. It was 23 years ago that Brian asked for your permission to ask me to marry him. Dad, What should I do? I still love him so much. Should I throw in the towel? Is there still hope for us? We still love each other. I am so lonely. The twins will be graduating soon from high school. I worry so much about them. They don't know what they want to do with their life. Julie still is so painfully shy and still doesn't have too many friends to hang out with. I just want the twins to be happy dad. I worry constantly about them. Eric is growing like a weed and doesn't act so much like a little boy anymore. He will be starting track again soon. He is always busy with his friends. He still tells me he loves me everyday. I hope that never changes. I thought I would be prepared for your death dad. But, at the end you went so fast I couldn't even catch my breath. It was so hard to see you slip away. I still cry everyday. Dad, please if you can send me a sign that you are still watching out for me. Please give a hug to mom for me. I have a deep faith yet dad and it does comfort me to know you are in heaven and no longer suffering. Thanks for everything dad. You were the best. I love you so much. Kim

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