Hemi- Facial Spasm- Atypical

Well, 4 years later -after my first 'episode' (how I refer to my spells) I was finally told that I suffer from Hemi-Facial spasm. My MRI shows an active legion on the left side of my scan however it hasn't changed greatly since my first MRI in 2010 so that is promising. Most days are great- I am fortunate that my illness doesn't effect me everyday. Usually comes on when I am fatigued, overheated or during my menstruation. My neurologist hasn't ruled out MS but says if it is MS it is slow to progress currently. The only thing that is odd for me is that my spasm is Atypical. It doesn't effect my eye so much as it does my mouth, jaw and neck on my left side. After some research I understand it sometimes develops after a bought of Bells Palsy which is what I was first diagnosed with... however the Bells Palsy was the other side of my face. I have noticed some wasting on my left side where the spasms are most frequent.. I also seem to have some wasting in my left hand. I have not official been diagnosed with atrophy but I plan to bring it to my doctors attention during my next appointment. For the time being I am just happy to have a doctor who acknowledges there is something happening lol The only thing that brings me out of me 'episodes' is rest- and that doesn't always work right away. I also suffer from muscle spams in my ribs and thighs but that is something to bring up with him at another time. I've only seen him once and didn't want to bombard him with too many symptoms so I stuck to the more serious ones to begin with. I've have learnt how to listen to my own body. I can't enjoy many alcoholic beverages anymore without feeling completely wrecked... bothers me sometimes but hey I least I'm saving Dollar bills lol If anyone has any similar experiences with hemi-facial spasm, feel free to share -All the best to everyone no matter what your struggle may be :)


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The clinical picture you describe is seen in Lyme Disease.
You should be PROPERLY tested for Lyme Disease.
Please view this link for information.

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Lyme Disease can produce a clinical picture identical to MS and ALS.
The incidence of MS and ALS is very high in areas where Lyme Disease is endemic.
Every patient with ALS must be properly tested for Lyme Disease.
Lyme Disease can be successfully treated with antibiotics.
Proper testing for Lyme Disease is very important.
The screening Elisa Test is unreliable.
The Western Blot is preferred.
Make sure the Western Blot Test includes Bands #31 & #34 as they are very specific for Lyme Disease.
Many Western Blot Tests omit Bands #31 & #34 and may give a false negative invalid result.

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http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7497212 - this link is to an article published in Spain of Lyme Disease in a patient presenting as 'Hemifacial Spasm'.

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Well,you did a great thing by consulting a doctor for the suffer you were going through.

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