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'Tim' and 'Capt. Al' (mtpockets)

I think Tim is starting to have swallowing problems. It is all I can do to keep it together. I have made an appt. for him on Friday. I think about whats next. I hope we are not going to have to face this yet. I find myself becoming emotional when I picture it it my mind. Even at the end of everyday that you have done all that you can to Comfort them, Make them as Happy as possible. Get them everthing they need. You still feel Helpless. What a feeling. The worst feeling/symptom I have ever had that want go away.

My Brother Tim

I just had it in my heart to post this. With my own problems lately. And Life in general. I would like to say something about my brother Tim with ALS. Tim, You are an Amazing person. The Inner strength you have, just astonishes me. The wonderful Will and Attitude. You are so Strong. You have always been Caring, Generous, and Giving. All your Life.

Carry Me Through

First of all, I would like to say that I like to Read, Read Poetry, and Write. (which I don't get to do much of). When I had just one of my bad days Friday when Tim begged me to take him out of his 'Suffering' and Torment and I had an argument with my Family. I came home Emotionally exhausted which is quite frequent. I just didn't think I could make it through the day. That night I was sitting at my Computer in a Daze.

I agree with the replies

I agree with the replies about the Politicians. God help them if we are interviewed by the local news. I will tell all about the lack of support from the Politicians. That is why I am their nightmare and I want go away. I have an idea I am cooking up that everyone can participate in. I will Blog it as soon as I have it together. Thanks Guys and Gals! Lorie

Politician's Don't Ya Just Love 'Em

As you know I am an ALS Advocate. I have been a Nightmare for my State (AL) Senators and Rep. for over 1-/12 years. Until now the only response I have received from any of them is as follows: Senator: Richard Shelby-Always sends me letters. Senator: Jeff Sessions- Non Responsive House of Rep.: Jo Bonner- The one and only recent reply posted below. He is going to tell me about the H.R. 2295, the ALS Registry of 2007.