Could it be als

Hey everyone,

Sorry to come here and possibly roll a few eyes to the "do I have als question" but I need a little reassurance. I'm from Ireland so healthcare here is pretty slow. I gave birth to my daughter in Feb 2017 she was premature and I was really ill to preclampsia. However many weeks later I still had symptoms. I've had a blur or a stain in my eyes for weeks that comes and goes where my eye gets hazy. My most strongest weakness tho is I'm really fatigue I feel like my brain is in lock down no matter how much I sleep. Is this a als symptom or is it just muscle fatigue? My left arm is really weak if I hold something for a few minute my hand locks. My left leg is also weak. The doctor rated me 4/5 on weakness. If I touch my foot I get a pain at the back of my knee so there's some nerves affected. My back and hips are terrible if I walk around or work I'm in agony. And my latest symptom is twitching, I've had twitching on my eyes, foot, stomach and legs, generally I'm stiff all over I'm 25 I feel like I'm 80. I've had a mri for suspected ms but it was clear I've not had a lumbar as I'm waiting to see a neurologist. But I'm giving myself wicked anxiety fearing the worst and I just need to know if there's a possibility this could be als or its nothing like it? I don't generally understand terms online so I'd rather hear it from you lovely people. Thanks guys x

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