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It's been a very long time since I thought to write in my blog, and even longer since I actually did. As of late I've been doing lots of upgrades to the site, installing the latest versions, patch up security holes, overhauling the server, etc. The most notable addition is the advent of a complete backup server - this has already been a weight off my shoulders, allowing me to sleep just a touch more peacefully at night. I've also taken it upon myself to join twitter, you can follow along @alsforums.


I used a new feature of the website called 'Infractions' with mixed results yesterday. For those of your that aren't aware, the infraction system is a simple tool used by moderators to track issues with members. Each infraction has a number of points associated to it; if a user reaches a certain number of points their account is temporarily removed, or permanently removed. I doubt the system will be used very often, but for those of you worried about what you can and can't do, please read our terms and conditions which is available as a link at the bottom of every website page.

NEW FEATURE: Everyone Gets a Blog!

My Blog will be pretty boring I'm sure, but that doesn't mean yours will be! Everyone with membership has access to a create their very own blog (that's you)! You get to specify who gets to read it, who gets to add comments to it, and best of all, you're in charge of what gets posted to your blog, and whether people can comment on your blogs posts. Want to know what a blog is?