Having symptoms, wondering if ALS

Hello, I'm a 25 year old male and I have been experiencing symptoms and cannot figure out why. I have had muscle spasms in my legs for a couple months, especially in right calf but also in thighs, along with pins and needles in my right thigh and stiffness in right calf. I have had pain in my upper back the past few weeks. I've had muscle weakness in my legs, although not severe. I've had trouble with balance and clumsiness and occasionally run into things. I was working out for quite some time and taking creatine but then suddenly stopped because of anxiety and depression the past 3 weeks. I've lost around 25 lbs in that amount of time. I've still been physically active though. Over the past few weeks I had been taking 20mg of celexa for anxiety, and have had a long history of anxiety, .5mg of klonopin and for about 2 months 50mg of primidone but bumped up to 100mg for essential tremors, so I already have neurological problems but I have no family history of ALS. I had an MRI done on my brain about a month and a half ago and came back negative, but that was for my tremors. I met with my physician and he recommended I see a neurologist and possibly run some tests but didn't give any definite answer. My main concerns are the muscle spasms and severe weight loss. Thank you in advanced for your responses!

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