I have been battling some crazy stuff that mimics MS/ALS with no diagnosis yet. I have been having really really migraines off and on for about 8 months and with my migraines comes vision (vertical ghosting),balance,cognitive this is kinda my normal thing now but for about 6 months it's a garbled mess off all kinds of buttsex in my opinion. I have gone through 2 pairs of classes since October 2017 and still haven't got my new one as my vision is still screwing up mostly my left eye (I could have had vertical ghosting years before this and just didn't make sense of what I was seeing bad stig), I have hearing lose in my left ear I just got my hearing aids June 1,2017 and my hearing was first noticed before any of this while playing a game,my neck feels like it's got a piece of rebar going down the left side of my neck and upper third of my back, my left side of my body is being effected along with my legs in general and Weakness throughout my body always and my left leg got drop,my left ankle is getting worse with pain,knee along with my hip left side mostly migrating into my right(this is usual about my hips or is this just part of one's own process) my short term memory is shot to crap big time I can not multitask I always have to vocalize my steps of doing stuff either out loud or mentally and yet I fail to remember at times because the thought fades as I'm trying to grasp it to vocalize that particular thought. When these episodes occur I can feel it though out my body in a kinda chilly feeling in my body and something is left behind as it fades away and then a little time before it becomes really noticeable what ever it may be, I now have had the pressure feeling in my head but with so much sensation lost it's not like in the beginning. This is my first summer and I don't like it I use to like being in the sun and now if I'm in it I get really big issue like vision, cognitive, sweating more in hands feet ect.so I stay out of direct sun and stay cool and even then I might get the chills in the shade or feel to cold. I use a cane to aide with my gate walk and my legs have reached a point where after walking up stairs they are so tired and heavy feeling I may rest depending on the amount of steps I have climbed.my D3 was at 2.5 I am on 50k iu D3 1x a week my energy gone up and not back the way it should be even tho my D3 is getting back into it's normal range. And you don't want to hear the incompetent fools who sat idle by and sat on there hands during certain stages of this hell I have endured that's yet to be figured out and is a work in progress thanks to the doctors who were actually listening to the patient and not the tag on his ear.... Any ideas wtf happened to me and continues to happen. Sorry if there any typos or doubled up stuff.

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