Letting my freak flag fly

Almost cut my hair... The black ladies I meet get so excited and exclaim 'can I touch it?' And I always bow my head to their hands. They seem to appreciate a big head of silver hair. Most men cut their hair so short these days, it's like they're all Detective John McClane. But I'm the only one whose roots are true to my roots. I saw the original Earth Day; the war was over but the hippies still needed something to complain about. I paid dues to Tom Hayden's communist party newsletter in 1972, and printed one of my own, extolling the intent of the original Founding Fathers. The nuns at Bishop Hogan High were just glad to see I could write something. Now my muse has died. So it goes.


affected's picture

I've always like long hair, whether on men or women :)

Chris and I were having a bit of a competition as to whose hair could grow the longest ... it broke my heart the day he had his cut short as he couldn't do anything with it, not brush it nor put it in a ponytail ...

Clearwater AL's picture

Hey Mike, I sometimes feel out of place when I go to Viet Nam Vet gatherings and my unit reunion being that I have no tattoos, no earring, no pony tail, pins on my hat (don't wear one), a vest covered with patches, insignia and medals. But... I still have my mustache and it's as white as snow (overseas I wore a handle bar mustache.)

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