Dr. Hyungki Choi MD

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Dr. Hyungki Choi MD is a Neurologist that deals with patients out of his office in Eugene, OR. He has been practicing medicine since his medical license was received in 2006. His medical license was issued in the state of Oregon.

He specializes in the following discipline(s):

  • Neurologist
  • Psychiatrist

Dr. Hyungki Choi MD graduated from University Of Chicago Division Of The Biological Sciences The Pritzker School Of Medicine in 1992.

At the time of posting, Dr. Hyungki Choi MD was accepting the following medical insurance at his office in Eugene, OR:

  • United Healthcare
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Healthnet

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Oregon Medical Group Ent
330 S Garden Way Ste 300
Eugene, OR 97401
United States


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Dr. Choi, I would just like to THANK YOU for causing me to lose my job. You never found anything wrong during testing, or any causes whatsoever as to why I had my seizure. You just ran a few tests, scratched your head a little bit, flipped me some pills and said "here, take these". And yet, you would not release me to drive for work. I was hired by my former employer as a "driver", and they had no other position they could put me in while you guys try to pull your heads out of your rumps. They had to fill my position. They couldn't wait for you guys to figure things out. I really liked this job. But thanks to you, I'M JOBLESS NOW!!! I hope you're sleeping well at night because I sure the h_ _ _ don't. Don't bother saying "sorry", I'd have a real hard time believing you anyway. And while you’re trying to figure things out, every time I go in to your office for a visit, guess who pays for it ... I do! The first thing you guys do is have your hands out ready to grab that cash I tell ya! It's hard for me to have any respect for doctors in the first place because you already think you're better than everyone else because you're rich. You look down on people like me. The "little guy". Well, It won't stop me from moving forward with my life but what it will do, is cause me to not come in to see you anymore. I will go somewhere else to get seizure medication. I won't be coming to you for anything anymore. If you are genuinely sorry about what has happened, what you could do is take a SINCERE look at my resume' and send some work my way to help fill the emptiness that you caused by not knowing what you're doing. Where did you go to school anyway? Yes, I'm p_ _ _ _ _! Send me some work and I MIGHT consider coming back to visit you, but I definitely won't if you just sit on your ass and do nothing at all. And if I don't hear back from you, since I do have so much time on my hands these days, I will spend that time posting bad reviews about Dr. Choi and the incompetency I have experienced while using you. Oh, did I hurt your feelings using the word H _ _ _? I'm sorry, pull your head out of your A_ _!!! I also called your office directly to tell you this to your face, but of course, I got an answering machine, so I left a message. Nice way to do business. Can’t even reach a live person.