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Default Clay Foot Baths, Detox - Think Twice About This Scam


Wow sounds great....

Can you please elabarate on the Clay Foot Baths for detox once a week?


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Exclamation Clay Foot Baths, Detox? Think Twice

I spent some time this evening investigating the benefits of a clay foot bath. I wasn't able to find a single informative and authorative article that had proven medical benefits.

The only information I was able to find about clay foot baths was from the promoters of the clay foot bath; aka. the people that profit from the sale of these "homeopathic' concoctions; people, that in my experience, will go to unbeleivable lengths to make their products look reputable. Tactics such as having MULTIPLE (100's) of websites that "sing the praises" about the help and benefits of these products. Again, these sites are only setup to lead the ALS/MND sufferer along a broken path that leads to the purchase of these "miracle cures".

From my experience over the last three years with ALS/MND, I find the biggest offenders are the MSG, Detox, Homeopathic and related "products" that will prolong life.


On another note, the second I see any product being sold through the "Even Better Now" website I almost immediately become skeptical; as the majority of the "Even Better Now" advertisement dollar is spent on Pay-Per-Click advertising on "ALS" and other "disease related terms" in Google; and other large online advertising networks.

Advertising, that if clicked on by 1,000 people, and only 1 person purchases the product, they win, they've made their profit. These people spend a lot of time and money to create the illusion of a product that has benefits; these people will spend a few hours a week posting on forums such as this, chatting about their products from the perspective of a casual person, singing the praises of the product; only so people such as ourselves will read these "reviews" and then search online to buy these products.


I know there is a lot of "help" available out there in the way of homeopathic medicines, ointments, and miracle cures. The worst part of this is that there is so many "unknowns" when it comes to motor neuron releated diseases; and the individuals suffering from MND need hope (everyone wants hope); and wants to beleive in these cures. The saddest thing is these individuals are preying on the sick and profiting from it.

I'm asking everyone to be weary, be skeptical, and spend your money on care, research, and other forms of help that is proven to make life better, easier, prolong life (Rilutek?), and/or your enjoyment of life.

This post is entirely based on the posters opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of ALSforums, or the members of our forums.
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