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City: Allegany County
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Interest: I am a family member of someone with ALS/MND.
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Default Re: How to cope with some things?...

Understanding Txgirl's feelings and situations as both my sister and my father-in-law passed from ALS. BUT, also having my sister also misdiagnosed initially with another MND disease, I will offer Jon some thoughts from my being a caretaker of both my sister and my father-in-law out of compassion and out of the slightest possibility that perhaps maybe in the area where he is from, as in where my sister is from, the drs never really dealt with ALS and don't know much about it to diagnose it as such. I live in an area where we had the privilege to go to a teaching hospital much further away for a second and third opinion to get her diagnosis. Perhaps Jon is not that fortunate.
Jon, as a caretaker for my sister especially, it bothered me more to see HER get so upset about things when she lost the ability to do them. She would weep and cry nearly every day, but I could not get her to consent to take any depression meds. She wanted no part of them. So I abided by her wishes. I wept seeing her get so upset and I wept because there was nothing I could do to make that awful ALS go away. I ended up getting on depression meds because I could not bare to see her cry all the time. Her friends stopped calling, visiting. They never even sent but one card from her work. She cried even more about that because she though they cared. My sister was fiercely independent and having me, her younger sister, have to care for her, was hard for her to deal with. This went on for 6 months. Only when my Pastor stopped to talk with her did I find out why she was crying so much. She thought she was being punished by God. Pastor assured her that God was not punishing her with this. I don't know what else they talked about, but I know once Pastor left, my sister was a different person and found her peace. She never wept anymore after that visit. Jon, God is not punishing you. Jesus died on the cross on Calvary long ago for the sins of all mankind, you included.
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