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  1. Jshemnitz
    03-10-2019 01:38 PM - permalink
    I just saw your private message. It's not a stroke because I can use my arm I just couldn't lift my fork off the plate. I am just confused because everyone said to trust my neurologists opinion that ot wasn't als after my clinic visit with him from 11 days ago
  2. Jshemnitz
    03-10-2019 01:30 PM - permalink
    Did you just PM me? My last post was deleted and it says you messaged me. My right arm weekness turned into right arm failure this morning with a fork
  3. chally
    01-11-2019 01:12 PM - permalink
    Hey Laurie, yesterday we sent you the info and pictures of settings to your email but it must have been blocked so I am trying though the forum one picture is all IPad will allow well cant figure out how to send it on PM
    How can I get info to you?
  4. notBrad
    12-05-2018 12:54 PM - permalink
    Doh!!!! Many thanks!!
  5. beauty4everyone
    11-19-2018 01:15 PM - permalink
    Hi, There! You're so sweet. Thanks for helping, it's greatly appreciated. I think I got it right this time. (I hope so). It's about time scammers were tormented, too. I just got a phone call from someone trying to tell me social security want's me to call them. Baloney! They're going to scare a lot of elderly people. That's so MEAN. Hope people enjoy the link. I think James is great. Sic 'em James. Let me know what you think of it. Have a great day. B.
  6. beauty4everyone
    11-19-2018 12:21 PM - permalink
    HELP! HELP! My post got away from me. Can you delete my recent post with Lt on subject. I don't want people to use valuable time when there's nothing in it. I must have twitched and leaned on a key. Thanks much! Sorry! B
  7. NinaP
    09-25-2018 06:40 AM - permalink
    When i used to bend down, my muscles used to hurt the next day, now i dont feel them as if they dont exist. If i bend my left leg immidiately hurts and cant stand my weight. I remain the same weight and its strange because i can feel i have lost weight on my legs and hands. Iam scared to go to the neurologist. So scared because i dont want to be sick at the same time as mum, its going to break my family down, already we are so broken because these years were supposed to be mums rest. Just wanted to tell you my whole story in order to get an idea.
  8. NinaP
    09-25-2018 06:40 AM - permalink
    Now i cant because it starts hurting at once. So every year when the weather is changing or iam tired my leg hurts/feels very sore, weak, very weak, also when my period comes. I have come to get used to it. In Summer 2017 when my mums issues started we both went to the doctor to have tests since my leg never stopped bothering me. Of course my mum issues escalated very seriously and soon.As i already described in my posts in the general threads this time i feel different. I feeling like iam losing muscles, my legs have dissapeared, my hands, fingers have become very thin and my right leg which was very strong now is getting weak too. I get these feelings like something goes up and down in my legs when i walk my left leg slips behind.
  9. NinaP
    09-25-2018 06:39 AM - permalink
    Didnt want to bother others with my story since i keep posting over and over. I wanted to give you my full story. My dad was sick with serious health problems for 6 years. My mother was the one taking care of him. He died in 2013, in 2014 after a heavy cold, and being very tired from my dads issues and everything that we had to do after his death, i felt weak all over, numb, had feeling of weakness in hands legs everything, I could see my legs and hands moving, i had diffuclt eating lost 10 kilos. I went to every doctor did all the tests, everything came back fine. The only doctor i didnt visit was a neurologist, i didnt know, no doctor told me so. They all said it was being tired from everything. Slowly i came back to my life but with the difference of my left leg feeling weaker than my right. My orthopedist at the time said there was no weakness and everything looked fine, but my left leg was never the same after that. I must say i used to sleep on my left leg for years.
  10. KiraM
    09-13-2018 08:34 PM - permalink
    I try so hard, I really do, but the unknowing is what gets to me. And of course the horrid symptoms. I’d rather know than not know..I just wish my neuro would’ve given me an EMG after seeing my twitching. I told my mother how this is taking over my life and she said she’d get me an EMG, so that I can move on. I’m just hoping for the best. ); thank you Laurie

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