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  1. vHDude78
    07-02-2015 09:51 PM - permalink
    Thanks Gil! I haven't had my EMG yet. It's in a month...and I'm not looking forward to the wait. Did she see her doctor immediately after onset of symptoms?
  2. GilWest
    07-02-2015 09:07 PM - permalink
    I think you are clear after one normal exam. I can't remember if you had an EMG or not, but my mom's emg ended like this. The doctor put down the needle and said, "Has anyone ever said anything to you about ALS...Lou Gehrig's Disease?" My mom NEVER had an exam that ended with the words normal. There was ALWAYS something wrong...even at the beginning. At first they thought it was a mini-stroke. Then it never got better. I took her to the hospital again and the neuro did physical exam and immediately mentioned ALS. You probably have an issue, but it is NOT ALS.
  3. vHDude78
    07-01-2015 12:56 PM - permalink
    Hi Gil,

    I did accidentally post in the wrong one...woops. But after two normal exams do you believe I'm clear? I've been experiencing these symptoms for a few months now. Cramps are intetmittent..balance is a little off..always have like a..buzzy feeling in my legs..especially my right leg. Like an analog tv with snow. Any advice is appreciated.

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