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  1. Becazican
    09-30-2017 06:15 PM - permalink
    most definitely
  2. Becazican
    09-30-2017 03:53 PM - permalink
    Ch motor neuropathy can effect the way your muscles work , depending on whats causing it, diabetes is a biggie. Gee I didn’t know they could read private messages, my email is I understand that a lot of people who are dealing with als have limited ways to respond and they tire easily some people do beat a dead horse to death. I would not post unless your dr comes up with something that leads one to believe that als is on the table. I read a lot of posts here but i dont post anymore since there really is nothing they can tell me that they haven’t already, use my email if you want to discuss.
  3. GregK
    09-29-2017 07:58 PM - permalink
    ♥ GregK
    Actually, CH, I made it pretty clear why a Moderator, me, closed your thread, but as that seems to have slipped your mind:
    - your symptoms did not indicate ALS,
    - You came up with NEW symptoms when old ones were dismissed,
    - You recycled OLD symptoms.

    This is a Forum dedicated to MND.
    You do not appear to have an MND.

    Did that help clear things up?
  4. Becazican
    09-29-2017 07:15 PM - permalink
    They do that a lot, i realize they deal with a lot of people who worry and they try to calm them down . They say that twitches are not the first sign but if you dig back to some of the stories on line or in this forum a lot of them started with twitches but soon got weakness. Anyway dont take offense. I’m just dealing twitching away no weaknes , no atrophy. According to last neurologist i saw you need to have acute denervation and chronic i only had chronic and it was from my back but of course i am still worried. Have an appt in New York at Columbia Presbyterian and another appt at Johns Hopkins and one at USF, think its over kill.
  5. Becazican
    09-27-2017 04:51 PM - permalink
    read your post, congratulations now enjoy the wife and kids.
  6. Becazican
    09-25-2017 06:35 PM - permalink
    yeah its very odd i know my body, also my first two emg come up with all this sensory problems than the third emg saw no sensory but chronic renervation or whatever its called, nikki told me as long as they don't see acute. but its still strange , yeah text me anytime ill be obsessing here
  7. Becazican
    09-25-2017 03:20 PM - permalink
    no problem , just had a panic attack this afternoon about this crap, i 'm right there with you being a mess. stopped at the gym and did all the strength test, funny i have horsiness too but i also suffer from post nasal drip this time of the year. don't know how i'm going to make 7 weeks before i see the dr in new york. at least yours is only a couple of weeks away. stay calm bro. if you need to text for support mobile is 727 3858300
  8. Becazican
    09-25-2017 03:03 PM - permalink
    hi adolfo , just read your last post on the forum, tongue burning is an anxiety issue i have had it and its very common
  9. Becazican
    09-25-2017 11:33 AM - permalink
    you and me both with the anxiety, no one can explain my symptoms nor the conflict of the three emg i have had, so i contacted columbia presbyterian and john hopkins both have agreed to see me one in nov and one in dec. tired of being so anxious. i find i constantly test my strength and measure my muscles in my leg. have it also in my mind this is als and its ruining my life. mikael here, its pronounce like michael ,
  10. Becazican
    09-25-2017 09:22 AM - permalink
    Just realize i posted the emg not being painful to you instead of someone who was asking about it , sorry, told you i was having trouble with this message board or maybe its just me not be techinalcally savvy, we both have had 3 emg i see. Don’t know about you but my anxiety has reached new levels with this shit

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