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  1. Ms. Pie
    07-01-2012 11:07 PM - permalink
    Ms. Pie
    I miss you.
  2. Ms. Pie
    05-06-2012 12:24 PM - permalink
    Ms. Pie
    Hi Sweets! It's good to see you! How are you doing? Xoxoxo
  3. Ms. Pie
    03-25-2012 04:40 PM - permalink
    Ms. Pie
    Mary! I'm so glad you like your AFOs! Yay! You go girl! :)
  4. Ms. Pie
    01-24-2012 03:30 PM - permalink
    Ms. Pie
    How are your pinkies and tootsies doing Sweets?
  5. Ms. Pie
    12-24-2011 11:42 AM - permalink
    Ms. Pie
    Merry Christmas my Mary! Got any big plans? We're going to stay home for a quiet Christmas and watch movies and drink eggnog. Nothing big. We'll go to the evening Christmas service at the Luthran Church down the road. I'm looking forward to it.
    Love to you and your Dear One.
  6. Ms. Pie
    12-19-2011 11:56 AM - permalink
    Ms. Pie
    Hey there stranger! Miss you! Don't stay away anymore, ok? We all get discouraged from time to time and being here with all these wonderful folks helps me snap out of any funks. Welcome back Mary. Xoxoxo
  7. Bhappy
    07-23-2011 07:00 AM - permalink
    I did see the explanation! Thanks for outlining so nicely. Have a great weekend!
    Hugs, Mary
  8. Ms. Pie
    07-22-2011 06:17 PM - permalink
    Ms. Pie
    Thanks Mary! We had a great time. My family is very close. We love each other very much. The window is a joint effort and means a lot to all of us. It was fun to do it together. Easy too! Did you see my explanation of how we made it?
  9. Bhappy
    07-22-2011 06:12 PM - permalink
    You MI pictures are great! Your stained glass panes are beautiful. I'm so glad you had a nice visit with family and friends!
  10. Bhappy
    07-08-2011 08:52 PM - permalink
    I can think of lots of bucket list I just need the time to get to them! I'm hoping these legs hold out for a bit longer!
    Love to you and yours too!

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