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help1127 05-12-2017 01:47 AM

Congenital or heriditary motor neuropathy

Would during if anyone has been told that they probably have a (congenital or heriditary motor neuropathy)?

After 4 years of seeing doctors my ALS specialists did an emg and said he believes in have a congenital or heriditary motor neuropathy and that in some of the cases clonus is seen. Last week's emg showed abnormalities in my to calves but nothing anywhere else. My NCS was perfect, my doctor said the combination of the 2 points to a motor neuropathy. He said I definitely don't have ALS and this will not become ALS.

The issue I have is that if that's the case shouldn't I have diminished reflexes, no clonus, and no hoffman?

I just thought someone here that has gone through the same situation can shed some light based on their experience.

Thank you

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