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karzy81 05-15-2018 10:16 PM

PICC line
Hi everyone. Donít know if I am using the correct terminology, but the suggestion was made to my father to get a picc line inserted for his Edaravone infusions. Right now they insert a port for the 14 days of infusions and then they remove it when he is on his 14 days off. I know that sometimes it irritates him. Anyone have any experience with the picc line? Thanks for all your help

Wilson2009 05-15-2018 11:01 PM

Re: PICC line
I would recommend that they use an underskin PORT, not a PICC line for his infusions.

I had a PICC line for the first seven infusions. A PICC line requires a bandage to cover the point of entry through the skin. A PICC line must be flushed daily with saline and heparin to ensure it is kept open. The PICC bandage must be cover using cling wrap or an alternative when you bath as it cannot get wet. The constant bandaging of the entry point caused my skin to break down, leaving some marks that still haven't faded. Once my skin broke down, they switched me to a PORT.

A PORT is placed under the skin radiologically. It is more invasive than a placing a PICC, but only marginally. A PORT only has to be bandaged when it is accessed to provide the infusions. Thus for the 10 days of the infusion, you have to manage it just like a PICC line. Once they remove the access needle, a PORT requires no maintenance. There is no bandage or flushing required for the remaining 18 days of the cycle since there is no open access to the PORT. Once the two entry points are healed (about 10 days), there is no need to cover the PORT while bathing or showering except when the PORT is accessed for the infusions.

Bottom line, if they are recommending a PICC, I would ask if they can do a PORT. It is much better in the long run.


diagnosed2016 05-16-2018 12:53 AM

Re: PICC line
HUbby has had a pic since last Oct with no issues. The process to get the pic is much easier than a port. Maintenance is not bad at all.

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