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Default Do you have similar symptoms?

The following symptoms have either started, or gotten worse in the past year:

Extreme weakness when working with arms e.g. lifting, hammering
Loss of reflexes in both arms
Unable to flex biceps in either arm
Hands becoming weak - unable to open jars, water bottles
Loss of hand dexterity
Muscle spasms/twitching in arms and now in the upper leg regions
Chronic muscle wasting in arms

Following tests(with results) have been done so far:

MRI of brain - normal
MRI of neck - normal
MRI of aorta & subclavian arteries - normal (no blockages)
XRAY of neck - normal
Doppler of neck arteries - normal ( no blockages)
EVP of ears & arms - normal
EMG of arms - delayed(latent) reaction in biceps
CK - 56 (40 - 200 normal)
Thyroid, borderline
All other bloodtests normal

Diagnosis by neurologist - She doesn't know what the cause is, only there are apparent symptoms.

My doctor has now referred me to the ALS clinic at McMaster Hospital - to Dr. J. Turnbull

From my investigations on the WWW, my symptoms and progressive nature of my ailments seem closely matched to ALS. Please let me know if you have had these similar symptoms.

Thank you.


P.S. I have already come to the point of planning for the worst, yet hoping for the best.
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