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Exclamation Very scared of bulbar

Hi my name is David. I am 32 years old and really scared.

A little over 4 months ago I had fasciculations start continuously all over my body. They have not stopped at all since they started. I get a fasciculation every 2-10 seconds on average with sometimes several firing off in a row. I have never gone over 30 seconds without one since they started.

I saw a neurologist shortly after they started and got an EMG of my right leg and arm in a couple spots. They said everything looked ok so I put the twitching in the back of my mind until recently.

A few weeks ago I started noticing I would have trouble swallowing larger pills but just ignored it. For the last couple weeks, swallowing is getting increasingly difficult. It feels as if the muscles in my throat/neck aren't doing what I want them to do when I go to swallow. It is making it hard to swallow things like saliva or thin liquid. I only get about 80% of it down then have to swallow another two or three times to get it all down but some will still sit in the top of my throat. Also I can no longer eat things like almonds because a bunch of what I am chewing will get caught in my throat with the end of the swallow. I am not eating much due to all this now.

Due to the swallowing issue I think, the last few days I have been having an increased amount of mucus or phlegm being generated in the back of my throat that is dripping down into my trachea and giving the the initial sensation of choking and causing my chest to burn pretty bad. That or what I am drinking/eating is partially going to the wrong pipe. Its a scary sensation and has me on edge. I can feel moisture in my windpipe with each breath and I'm currently try to spit out the saliva and mucus that I can since my chest is burning badly right now and I don't want anything else going down there.

Also my voice has been intermittantly changing but that could be due to the excess mucus in my throat maybe. I have tongue twitching as well.

I am really scared because I did not get an EMG done of the bulbar area. I have an upcoming appointment with the head neuromuscular doctor at our hospital but it is not for another month and a half. ALS and swallowing were not on my mind at all when this started since I thought I was in the clear with a clean EMG of the limbs so I do not think anxiety started this.

Oh I also had a head MRI when the twitching started and several white matter lesions were found.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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anxiety, arm, back, bulbar, burning, choking, clean emg, eating, emg, fasciculations, mri, mucus, muscles, neurologist, phlegm, saliva, scared, swallowing, tongue, trouble swallowing, twitching, voice, wrong

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