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caky 09-22-2016 09:58 AM

I think I have ALS
Hello, i know most of you have heard a lot of people saying they are scared they have ALS. I'm sorry for my bad English but it's not my mother tongue. I'm 17 yeard old girl, and i have been expiriencing symptoms of ALS for the last 2 months. I'll be honest it started with a weirf tingling feeling in my left leg, then i read about ALS...and well 2 month later more and more symptoms are showing up. Since the begining my left leg feels somehow weak, funny and different from the right. Maybe a few days later i started feeling my left hand the same way...weak like i've been lifting stuff. My fingers also feel that way like a can't really hold small thing with them. I have fasciculations which are pretty intense. There was no progresion for a bout a month and a half and then i started feeling my neck weak. Een when i juat sit and watch TV , i can't focus when I'm at school because i think about how i feel i can't hold my neck up. Then my tongue started feeling weird, weak when i eat like i cant push the food around in my mouth and when i talk i think i slur the words but i'm not sure...i just feel i can't pronounce some words. I choked on water and my own saliva a few times. Yesterday i started dropping things...or almost dropping them. Today i started feeling the fingers of my right hand like those on my left...somehow stiff , like a can't really move them and when i hold small objects i feel i can't move them in my hand. I tried talking to my parents, wanted to go for an EMG so bad...they just started screaming at me that i'm crazy, hypochondiac and what not. Had a few breakdowns and now that my symptoma are getting worse i'm just tured. I don't know what to do so please give me a piece of advice.

starente15 09-22-2016 10:12 AM

Re: I think I have ALS
I'm not sure how you jumped to a fatal disease at 17 years old. Based on how you describe your symptoms I would guess you spend a lot of time on the Internet. I'm 47 years old. When my dad was diagnosed two years ago I had no idea what fasciculations or head drop were.

It sounds like you have a lot of anxiety which would be perfectly normal at your age. Why not talk to your parents about trying counseling for it?

ehd42 09-22-2016 05:28 PM

Re: I think I have ALS
Hi, I imagine that you must be frightened about the possibility that your symptoms might be a result of ALS. Considering your age and symptoms, ALS would not be at the top of the list of probable diagnosis, unless more one finds more objective signs of neuromuscular disease. However, the presence of fasciculations would certainly warrant an evaluation by a neurologist. If the neurologist confirms the presence of fasciculation and/or other signs of neuromuscular disease then an evaluation by an ALS center would be warranted. Further, when symptoms provoke anxiety then anxiety can magnify symptoms or even induced more of them. It is for this reason, I urge you to see a neurologist to help rule out your worst fears. The neurologist might also recommend that you see a psychologist to help deal with the intense emotions you must be experiencing when faced with such a rapid onset of the type of symptoms you describe.

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