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Runner39 02-22-2016 07:40 PM

Right Pinky Weakness
Been going through ALS fear for almost one year. I have been body wide twitching for 11 months. Seen Neuro last April cleared me of anything sinister with a brief clinical exam. Reflexes, strength tests, etc... Mentioned twitching he was not interested.

I have done so many self tests its unbelievable. About 5 or 6 months ago I looked up finger spread test and noticed my right pinky during this test was weak. Definitely weaker than left pinky. I am right handed. Thumbs and index fingers are strong.

I am nervous because I have read and been informed that there has been people diagnosed with this weakness. I don't know exactly how long the right pinky has been like that it could have been more then the 6 months and I just never noticed it.

Not sure if it really matters but my hands can do everything they always have. They twitch a little here and there like the rest of me. I also can run up to 18 miles easily but I guess if it was in my hands that wouldn't matter.

Atsugi 02-22-2016 08:45 PM

Re: Right Pinky Weakness
Runner, you didn't describe ALS. Your doctors didn't see ALS. I don't know any reason to think you might possibly have ALS. You're clear.

You've got a big, life-changing problem, however, so you might want to see a psychiatrist as well as your therapist. A psychiatrist is an MD experienced in both physical health and mental health, and can prescribe medications.

ShiftKicker 02-22-2016 08:48 PM

Re: Right Pinky Weakness
Hi there-
I'm going to weigh in here, as others have already done so with great patience in your other posts.

Self tests are not helpful. Twitching is either not notable, or symptom of many, many other issues. You have been to doctors, had an emg, and been told no ALS. It's like jumping to lung cancer if you suddenly feel the need to clear your throat.

By all means, please go see a doctor to address your physical concerns, but asking people here to diagnose you over the internet because you perceive a weak pinkie and have some twitches is not productive. Doctors are trained to detect all manner of issues, and can see you in person to test for CLINICAL weakness. I wish you luck and appropriate medical care and treatment.


Runner39 02-22-2016 08:56 PM

Re: Right Pinky Weakness
Thanks for the response Mike. In my other thread I had mentioned my wife and our issues. We both have been in therapy and relationship has been unbelievable great. I do take Zoloft for anxiety.

I just hate the fact that my right pinky is a lot weaker than left. I can resist it going towards fingers some but can't resist it if i put a little more force. Maybe it has been like that for a very long time and I just noticed it back 6 months ago. I just don't know if it means clinical weakness

Runner39 02-22-2016 08:57 PM

Re: Right Pinky Weakness
Thanks Shiftkicker.

I have never had EMG. Neuro last April said nope.

bigmark1954 02-22-2016 09:42 PM

Re: Right Pinky Weakness
I am watching my whole left hand atrophy losing strength and coordination ......usually I do not read the DIHALS, and I wish I wouldn't have read this one.

I feel disrespected ......but won't say what I really feel about this thread!!:mad:

affected 02-23-2016 04:39 AM

Re: Right Pinky Weakness
No one is symmetrical.

I could tell you (but I won't) about a heap of little bits of body parts I have that don't do what they probably should the way they should. Hell some of them have been like that since I was in my late teens.

As Mark says, when it's ALS and you watch what happens, you know why we can say with confidence that the little things you report just do not add up to a progressive, terminal disease.

Your doctors do not see ALS in any way, shape or form. We just can't keep going over it with you I'm sorry.

Green Queen 02-23-2016 10:24 AM

Re: Right Pinky Weakness
A weak pinky is normal.
I mean, it's a lazy part of your body, you know? It coasts along, letting the other fingers do all the work. It's only there for looks. And to look awesome sticking out when having a cup of tea.
A bit like your little toe.
Only good for nail polish and getting stuck in strappy shoes.
You are good to go. Seriously.

KimT 02-23-2016 04:21 PM

Re: Right Pinky Weakness
Runner, I firmly believe the weakness in your right pinky is of no significance.
You do not have ALS.

Runner39 02-24-2016 06:25 PM

Re: Right Pinky Weakness
Thanks everyone. I apologize Mark, never would I intend to be disrespectful.

I am quite sure that the weakness has been there for a long time and if any of us look hard enough we can find things that don't mesh up.

Again sorry

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