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Default Re: Terrified About Systems


Well I saw my neurologist again earlier this afternoon. We went over my new blood work-up (testing for Lyme etc) and it all came back normal. We also further discussed my condition.

At this point he really doesn't know what the problem is, but he's assured me that he -does not- think it's ALS. His point is that statistically the disease often affects the really young, or the really old. And that due to my age (24), and the fact that I don't have any alarming signs (weakness, reflex issues etc) he's convinced it's all benign. He did say that it's rare that I could be having fasiculations and tremors at the same time, but again stressed he doesn't think it's MND or life threatening.

I mentioned to him that I was cramping up a bit this weekend, and seemed to have tripped twice going to work, but he dismissed it along with the fatigue I continue to experience. I asked him about doing an EMG, and he said that he didn't think it was really necessary, and quite honestly would just be a learning experience for myself and possibly some of his students (he's a professor too).

Ultimately he's decided to send me to the Mayo Clinic to see a muscular disease specialist. He said there they'll be able to preform a single fiber EMG as well as some other tests. At this point I'm kinda relieved I suppose, but at the same time still a bit frustrated. I've got an appointment with another neuro next week, so I suppose I'll keep it and get one more second opinion before it's off to the Mayo Clinic.
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