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Allie/Chase Dad,
First, let me just say Thank You for being so level headed and telling us all the details you know. It really helps to have a thorough background rather than someone who comes in freaking out and you can see it in their writing.

Secondly, like Helen said, you are on the right track. It will take a while but that is the point of getting a diagnosis...sometimes it takes many many tests before things are narrowed down correctly. Just make sure you get an MRI of your brain and neck...actually your gp can order these ...see if they will before you meet the neuro since they will have you do this test anyway...will give you something to do in the mean time in between appts.

Also, it is good to keep a log of your symptoms, and make sure you are eating healthy enough to get all vitamins and nutrients. I would also request, since gp did find weakness in your foot, for a Physical Therapy evaluation of your foot. (GP can also order this)They can give you an AFO if you need one or at least give you a couple appts. to work on strengthing it ...which will also help strengthen and help find your diagnosis in the end.

Keep a level head like you are, and try to be patient. I know it is hard...but in many becomes a wait and see game. Getting P.T. though and MRI are both proactive measures that will help narrow down the possibilities. Good luck to you!

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