Concerned with Juvenile Onset

Over the past two years I’ve experienced some alarming symptoms and I am seeking the advice of members of this forum. I would like to first and foremost thank you for your time and consideration.

Many of these symptoms began after I broke my fibula two years ago. I started having an odd cramp on the right side of my abdomen. It would randomly tense and ball up with regular movements. I’ve also had shoulder issues in my left shoulder. I received two cortisone shots which seemingly temporarily resolved the problem.

Now let’s get to the alarming symptoms. Four months ago I had a feeling of uncoordination in my left leg. I didn’t think anything of it until my calf began to twitch. I mistakingly googled muscle twitching and the rest is history. I then began to have twitches in both my right and left calves 24/7.

Starting two months ago I began to notice weakness in my left leg and twitching in my stomach and left arm. My leg hasn’t improved and has slowly atrophied. I have a noticeable shoulder drop and atrophied muscles around my shoulder and a winged scapula, all noted by my GP. I’ve had an elevated Ck count (809) in three of my four blood tests

My left arm has become noticeably weaker and tasks such as shooting a basketball have become very difficult. Occasionally my left hand will have random fingers that will twitch or twitches really anywhere.

I have seen two neurologists that have not noticed clinical weakness. One neuro conducted an EMG last week in my right leg and left arm. No abnormalities. I have also have had some issues speaking and trip up on words that I normally wouldn’t

Furthermore my tongues is much smaller on the left side and there is a minor twitch on the left side when I stick it out. Everything on my left side is noticeably smaller. I wake up every night multiple times and feel like my left abdomen is weak/not working properly.

I guess I have 2 questions

1) could my emg have been done too soon? I had needles placed in tricep, deltoid, forearm, and thumb along with right calf and right quad,

2) what should my next move be? I just feel that something is wrong as everyday the symptoms seem to progress.

Thanks again,



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I’m 23 years old, Caucasian male

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