ALS first symptoms

Hi all,

a couple of weeks ago I had an intractable headache for about 14 days .  It got so bad I finally went to the ER where I was admitted for a week to try and get it under control.  They performed CT scans of my Brain, a spinal tap, and a brain MRI. Everything looked okay, but after discharge I began having some weird symptoms. First, the muscles in my legs began to twitch slightly. I wrote it off to a nerve irritation from the spinal tap, but it quickly got worse. About 2 weeks ago the twitching spread to my entire body. I still twitch most in my legs (with it almost non stop throughout my left leg) but I also now twitch in my stomach, shoulders, arms, and my bladder/bowel regions. To add to my worries, my left leg feels kind of numb.. it's hard to explain, but it feels like a constant low grade buzz is going on through my leg muscles at all times. I still have all sensation and feeling. So what I'm curious to know is, do any of you feel like that "numb" feeling might be ALS along with the twitching? I'm not meaning to asking for a diagnosis, just looking to see if this sounds similar to anyone else's first symptoms. I saw a neurologist today and after reviewing my test results and seeing the fasciculations he told me to come back in 4 months and see if I begin to have weakness. I can't get my mind to think about anything else and any advice or stories would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Zachary,

You should try posting your questions and general discussions in the forum.

The blogs are more for article writing and general blogging purposes; you may not get many replies to your questions here.  The forums have many active members so you'll get faster responses.

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Will do David. Thanks so much.



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