18 year old worried about ALS

For the past 6 months I have had many symptoms that are similar to ALS and I am scared that I have it. I have seen a neurologist, hemotologest, and a rheumatologist. No diagnosis from any one although the rheumatologist did consider fibromyalgia.

My symptoms include:
Muscle soreness and cramps
Muscle twitching (all over)
Headaches (tension)
Numbness and tingling (all over)
Noticed some possible muscle wasting around my right wrist
Shortness of breath
Balance issues
Blurry vision

I have had an MRI which was clean, EMG on the left side of my body which was normal, and a ton of blood work which shows a low white blood count, elevated liver enzymes, and low neutrophils. I know no one can diagnose anything but does anyone have any ideas. I dont believe that I have had any weekness. And also should I try to get an emg on the right side of my body or does it matter?

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