I am a 23 year old male. Had surgery about 5 weeks ago and have been having very scary symptoms ever since. I have had weakness in left arm and fatigue in my legs. Calves get very sore when walking not even after that long. I also experience numbness and tingling in my left leg and frequently get fatigue pain in my arms. I have had some twitches and I cannot stop thinking this is ALS my vitamins are all good aside my D being a little low and I need to hear some feedback. I do experience tightness and pain in my arms as well feels like I could have a pinched nerve as my left leg goes numb pretty often when sitting but I also get fatigue in my arms from typing after a while. It's not so much pain but it will fee like I've been doing things for hours when it hasn't been that long. I've also noticed really bad sensitivity to cold recently. And I should mention my surgery was on my brain for a VP shunt revision. Any feedback is appreciated


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In all likelihood you don't have ALS, at least no more likely than your next door neighbour.

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