Please help, I'm worried sick

This is my first time ever doing anything like this but you guys seem very helpful and I was hoping you'd give me some of your opinions.
About a 8 days ago I started having slight tremors in my hands and legs but that went away as the anxiety got worse strangely, anyway of course I think I have als, my left arm feels heavier than the right, i have hyperreflexia but it seems everyone in my family does so I'm not too worried, I have no muscle twitches and cordination is spot on, my questions are,1. does als allow sore muscles to go away normally
2. How do I tell the difference between "fake" anxiety induced weakness and clinical weakness. 3. I'm 18, is it even possible?? 4. What comes first, weakness or fasciculations? I'm really sorry for being like this cause but I'm staying up till 6 in the morning squeezing my hands and reading symptoms. I guess my left hand feels a little bit weaker idk, I'm driving myself crazy.

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