Weird symptoms

Hello everyone , nice to meet you guys! Anyways my mom has als , as far a son we know it's not familial , however over the last two months I've had some really weird symptoms , it started with my bicep spasming out on my right arm for about a minute , ever since my bicep has felt sore and tired, about a month after the bicep thing my forearm started feeling tired and achy as well , then now my hand feels weaker, things in my right hand (doninant) feel heavier than the my do in my left hand , I have twitching all over my body ( lots of anxiety) but I just had a pretty constant twitch ( 5 secs firing 5 times in my bicep on the affected arm? Is this how als starts ? I went to see my gp twice now and both times he's dismissed my concerns , finally on my second time he referred me to physical therapy for tennis elbow , idk why since it's my whole arm and not my elbow , hoping maybe I can get the physical therapist to refer me to a nuero or someone who knows more than a gp since my gp won't give me a referral ? My question is what are the odds of me getting als if my moms is sporadic? ( no ones done any gene testing ) also do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone else ? I'm a 29 year old male , type 1 diabetic , extremely active up until this arm thing started , any input is greatly appreciated and thank you !

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