having some wierd symptoms

I'm sorry for the question but I have been having some wierd symptoms i am scared
started when I got sick I started twitching on my left tricep then started to twitch all over then I was sitting down at the movies and when i got up my right leg fell asleep I woke it up but my right ankle had that sensation still and still does ..then it went to my shoulder like a week later at first my sgoukdrr just felt numb then turn to pain and now I have a burning sensation on it and it kinda come s and goes mainly now stays then it went to my left shoulder having that mild got burning sensation and now I feel that in my right thigh nothing on my left leg I feel like i have shaky hands also did go to a neurologist did the physical test strength was still good and i an scheduled for an emg on Tuesday..i just feel like I'm getting weak still able to do everything I did before but seems like I'm slowing down a little the pain or this burning sensation is bothering me alot I am also feeling tight on my right bicep still able to bend arm tho my legs won't stop twitching and I feel it when I have pants over them but it kinda stops when I pull up pants and expose legs did anyone else have symptoms like this really scared

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