VA Radicava problem in St. Louis due to Fiscal Year Oct. 1

I am so angry this morning. I was just told by the ALS Clinic at the VA in St. Louis, MO. that my husband will not have access to the new ALS treatment drug "Radicava" that was approved by the FDA in August do to the Fiscal year funding which will begin on Oct. 1st. The drug is in the warehouse and available, but if the order is written to the pharmacy for the drug it will be sent back due to funding. I wanted to get this out there so if anyone wants to join me in fighting this development. I have called and talked to our local PVA rep and got the ball rolling. I am urging all PALS interested in getting this new treatment to call their local PVA rep. Thanks for letting me vent and God Bless all of you.

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