Please provide me some insight - I am really nervous

I read the "before posting" post and I cannot help it but have a few questions. I'm male and 25 years old. I had brain fog for 6 weeks, that subsided and now I have a twitch in my right foot. There are twitches all over my body, but the one in my foot is the persistent one. My hands get cold so sometimes it feels like they're a little sluggish, but generally I cant think of a motion I cannot make. If I understand clinical weakness correctly, I shouldn't be worried about sluggish movements being a precursor to ALS, they're just sluggish movements. No tongue twitch, no words being slurred, no problems swallowing except for when I get nervous. I saw my neurologist, he looked at my lower reflexes (normal), and my calves, thighs, and arms for atrophy (found none). The foot twitch started literally that night and now I'm nervous he didn't get a chance to see the foot twitch. I get that so far I don't have clinical weakness, or any issues with reflexes, but should I be nervous I could be degenerating and developing ALS ? Or the foot twitch is my first clue?

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