Scaring myself with als symptoms

Hey everyone, fist of all I'm not sure I'm writing this in the right place... I see "threads" where you can ask questions, but I couldn't find a "write thread" section so I'm guessing this is where I ask?

Second, thank you in advance to anyone who is willing to answer my questions and respond to me, I will really appreciate it. I just want to start off 10 years ago. I got diagnosed with hashimotos thyroid disease... I was 18 at the time and I was in gym, my heart skipped a beat, which started my horrible health anxiety journey. I was on klodipan for 5 years, got pregnant with my son and weaned off it due to risks to the baby... had my son, 3 years later had my daughter... had anxiety here and there but nothing terrible.

Im now 28, about 2 months ago I started getting bad anxiety, brain fog and feeling out of my body... went to my Dr and he wanted me to go on zoloft. That night I horrible depression came over me. I took the zoloft and ended up in the hospital from anxiety... I didn't take it again. Ended up having a cat scan of chest, came back fine. Dr decided to tell me he had noticed my thyroid levels were high and i needed to go on a lower dose of synthroid. He ordered an MRI to check up on a swollen pituitary gland I had, with and without dye everything looked fine. About a week after the MRI the twitches started... first in my little toe then they exploded everywhere... which, of course, sent me into a frenzy... maybe a week after the twitches I went into the hospital from my leg muscle being so stiff... they did a chest x ray and the Dr told me I was too younge for als so I didn't have it...

I ended up switching family drs and visited my new one, my arm was getting heavy and my hand was tight... she did blood work, everything was fine. Went to endocrinologist and my thyroid was still high, put me on lower dose again and told me to take klodipan again... which I started half a pill once a day (I have a 3 year old and 1 year old who I am home with all day, a full pill made me doze off and that isn't ok with younger kids roaming the house) the pills helped with my anxiety, I haven't had attacks recently unless out in public which is common for me, but I still have all the twitches...

pI was having difficult swallowing and thought I wasn't talking right, but I don't notice it anymore so it had to be anxiety... now I have a stiff neck, lower back pain sometimes, pain behind left shoulder blade occasionally, at top of my neck occasionally, my elbow occasionally , down my arm, sometimes in my leg, the twitching which seems to happen only a little when not paying attention to it, but once I think about it they go into my face, tongue, stomach, ect.

My arm was feeling very fatigued and heavy but today it seemed to be OK, my left hip is bothering me now... that feels weird and stiff... my left leg feels heavy also but that seems to come and go... which I think points away from als? I also read about the mri dye becoming toxic in some people's bodies and causing all these symptoms... I go back to my family Dr Tuesday and my endocrinologist in 2 weeks to check my thyroid...

I have also been having weird buzzing feelings in my head and legs, and a weird shock that goes down my arm and stops in the middle of my hand, which causes it to feel really tight... my mom has rhearmitory ( I'm sure I spelled that wrong) arthritis and my dad had neuropathy...

I'm so sorry it's so long, just didn't want to forget anything which I'm sure I did anyway... I'm so afraid of my kids having to live without me it's consuming me (which they are pretty much doing now anyway since I'm consumed in my symptoms)

... I know I need to stop thinking about it, but it's hard with all these symptoms... I pray to my dad and God every night to just first and foremost keep my children safe and healthy, and if they have time for me to take the symptoms away so I would stop going crazy haha. Thanks for reading my book, any advise is appreciated. I probably need some tough love, as nothing else has eased my worry. Thanks again!

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