Freaking out over my twiching

Hello ive been freaking out for about a week ive had non stop twiching all over my body but now its mostly just in my right hamstring non stop...I'm wondering if it to early to go to the doctor? its really messing with my head and I'm tryna figure out why it is happening I have no weakness I can do everything I usually can it just I'm kinda scared for the worse is more aggressive while I'm resting...I'm 22 years old male and very active I teach jiujitsu and i ran a few miles yesterday and everything was normal minor twiching nothing like today but today I didn't run and it is really acting up...i just want no if there anyone out there whos had crazy twitching in one spot mainly for awhile and has not got weakness from it and who hasn't got diagnosed with als? Dose twiching always mean the muscle ganna die? I'm so nervous

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