Benign cramp fasciculation syndrome?

Hello,I'm new to this site and have read forums from you guys and wld like yalls opinion. My dr in houston baylor college of medicine diagnosed me with benign cramp fasciculation syndrome, never heard of it much and I'm wondering if they'res just saying that Bc I dont show signs of upper or lower motor neurons. Im 36 years old now, I've had fasciculations for over a year now and my emg just shows fasciculations but my feet and hands cramp up sometimes. My arms sometimes do also. Ive been really scared and it's affecting my marriage and my daily life Bc in my mind I feel I have als. My first emg in Nov 2016 showed mild distal chronic denervation but have improved on my other ones. I just feel like I have so many different symptoms that I can't explain without making me sound crazy. Just want some input from you guys. And for you guys who have als I'm really sorry for that. Again in my head I feel like I have it and idk how to get it out. Help please, thanks..

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