The Monster in our Family

The monster in our family started several years and generations ago. We have lost several family members to ALS. On May 5th 1989, ALS took my Dad. He was 37. Six weeks later, it took my Dad's 1st cousin. He was only 29. After 28 years, the monster has reared it's ugly head in our family once again. I have a cousin, she's 33 has a baby that will be 1 in November. It's so completely not fair. Our family has been a subject of studies in Boston with Dr. Brown. I guess I finally decided to blog so that I can make friends, find support to help my cousin fight this battle. Mostly I hope and pray that something somewhere stops the monster in my family and all the other families affected.


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I have encountered numerous ALS victims who when PROPERLY tested are positive for Lyme Disease.
The infectious cause of ALS is often excluded based on invalid testing.
I am retired and not soliciting new patients.
Alfred Miller,M.D.

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