Hi all. My name is Audrey. My husband Eric was diagnosed due to speech changes and a little shuffle of his right foot that started to be noticable in March 2015. Drs finally gave the news on 13 Oct 2015. Just before the first neurologist said what he thought it was Eric left the room.. When we then visited the ALS clinic for a confirmation he told Dr Simons he did not want to know what the diagnosis was. I remained in the room and over the next few hours after we left the office I was able to convey the diagnosis. The next day Eric sat in the rocking recliner and gave up. He has never gone back to work. Since returning home from a long awaited trip in Jan. where we really experienced a decrease in all of his abilitieshe has left the house maybe 6 times. Yesterday he made it known that he wouldn't be going back to the clinic anymore. I bought the book last night by Jan Murray. Her speaking of support made me realize I need some. We're here in our shut off world and I need someone who is living this. So many others seem to be really fighting. Eric just seems to have accepted @ least 80% of the time then at others he wails uncontrollably. Help. Anyone?

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