I have read a lot where they say it means nothing but that isn't true.  It is something. I have read many studies where people only present with fasciculations. Which means they do mean something. I would wait 6 months after fasciculations to get emg. I read from telemg website that two months is long enough to see neurogenic changes on emg but earlier may not show up. Also fasciculations are an abnormal occurrence in themselves.  After labs have been exhausted not explaining them it come down to ALS or BFS. Which is scary in itself.  So what are your chances. Anxiety has been given as another reason but maybe a twitch here or there but everywhere?  Plus the type of fasciculations seen or unseen. Who knows. It is something. So when your told it means nothing that is. It correct. These are just my thoughts. I am no expert but I am from the medical community Nurse. So I do worry about the implications. Go to a neurologist asap. A neuromuscular specialist preferably. Don't wait around and drive yourself crazy.  Good luck. Best wishes. 

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